Class Study: Information Technology (IT) Classifications

Office of Financial Management (OFM) State HR and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) have partnered to initiate a class study for Information Technology (IT) classifications. A class study is a review and in-depth evaluation of the work assigned to all positions in a class or class series. A class study is typically conducted when the existing class specification no longer addresses the actual duties assigned to the positions allocated to the specific class or class series.

A study will:

  • Provide insight and recommendations as to the most effective classification structure that defines the body of work and to meet business needs.
  • Provide insight and recommendations as to whether the state’s current compensation structure, policies and practices are effective or in need of adjustment.
  • Include the evaluation of the job descriptions and improve the utility of the documents as primary sources of information for talent management, performance appraisal, recruitment and retention.

This multi-year project affects both general government agencies and higher education institutions. They are actively involved in working with State HR on this class study.


The project team has completed the study as of January 2017.  The enterprise IT Classification Study Report detailing the study process, findings and recommendations is currently in draft form and undergoing State HR senior management internal review. The report details comprehensive options for recommendations on the proposed IT Professional / Technical classification and consideration for compensation structures for general service classified IT positions in the executive branch and higher education institutions.

OFM executive management will need to review the scope of what is being recommended, the timing of the changes and determine the states risk tolerance for this significant work change that affects both general government and higher education.

The project team is hoping to have a decision on implementation in early 2017.  Once approval for implementation is given, there is a significant level of effort that will need to happen prior to any allocation decisions that will impact employees.  The details and timing of these efforts will be shared once approval is given to implement the new IT classification structure.


Study Information