Class Study: Information Technology (IT) Classifications

Office of Financial Management (OFM) State HR and the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) have partnered to initiate a class study for Information Technology (IT) classifications. A class study is a review and in-depth evaluation of the work assigned to all positions in a class or class series. A class study is typically conducted when the existing class specification no longer addresses the actual duties assigned to the positions allocated to the specific class or class series.

A study will:

  • Provide insight and recommendations as to the most effective classification structure that defines the body of work and to meet business needs.
  • Provide insight and recommendations as to whether the state’s current compensation structure, policies and practices are effective or in need of adjustment.
  • Include the evaluation of the job descriptions and improve the utility of the documents as primary sources of information for talent management, performance appraisal, recruitment and retention.

This multi-year project affects both general government agencies and higher education institutions. They are actively involved in working with State HR on this class study.


Study Information