Director's Review Decisions

Access the decisions made by the Director by selecting them from the list below. If a Director's Review decision was ultimately appealed to the Personnel Resources Board (PRB), access those decisions by clicking on the PRB Case #.



Classification Employee DR Case # Appealed to the PRB PRB Case #
Administrative Assistant 1 Hedin Allo-16-025 Yes R-Allo-12-006
Administrative Assistant 1 Biviano 06AL0067 No  
Administrative Assistant 2 Strand Allo-16-002 Yes R-Allo-16-009
Administrative Assistant 2 Zlock Allo-15-068 No  
Administrative Assistant 2 Riggs Allo-15-001 No  
Administrative Assistant 2 Hansen Allo-15-031 No  
Administrative Assistant 2 Dale, Gary Allo-10-028 No  
Administrative Assistant 2 Butcher, Ann Allo-10-010 No  
Administrative Assistant 2 Cortez Allo-16-034 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Mathews Allo-15-069 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Cagle Allo-15-085 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Osby Allo-15-033 Yes R-Allo-15-039
Administrative Assistant 3 Hull Allo-15-025 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Gilge Allo-14-100 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Ambion Allo-14-083 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Henry Allo-14-002 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Boekhoff Allo-13-071 Yes R-Allo-07-002
Administrative Assistant 3 Ratliff Allo-13-034 Yes R-Allo-13-013
Administrative Assistant 3 Boekhoff, C Allo-11-030    
Administrative Assistant 3 Schmid 06AL0095 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Snell T. Allo-07-100 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Norton-Nader R.M. Allo-08-020 Yes R-Allo-08-020
Administrative Assistant 3 Knopes S. Allo-07-116 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Younger Allo-08-007 Yes R-Allo-09-003
Administrative Assistant 3 Bellamy, Stacey Allo-08-035 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Canopy, Terry Allo-08-060 Yes R-Allo-09-019
Administrative Assistant 3 Johnson, Michele Allo-08-068 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Miller, Deborah Allo-08-033 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Wise D. Allo-08-075 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Chavez M. Allo-09-007 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Wilcox C. Allo-08-108 No  
Administrative Assistant 3 Muasau Allo-09-022 Yes R-Allo-10-001
Administrative Assistant 4 Smith Allo-14-040 Yes R-Allo-12-002
Administrative Assistant 4 Henry Allo-13-088 No  
Administrative Assistant 4 Hougan Allo-12-007 Yes R-Allo-13-008
Administrative Assistant 4 Klemme, Risa Allo-09-029 Yes R-Allo-10-004
Administrative Assistant 4 Gibbs, Sue Allo-09-030 No  
Administrative Assistant 4 Dobson, Debrah Allo-09-031 No  
Administrative Assistant 4 Ackerman, B Allo-09-028 Yes R-Allo-10-003
Administrative Assistant 4 Clawson Allo-06-001 No  
Administrative Assistant 4 Horning J. Allo-08-097 No  
Administrative Assistant 4 Smith, Sherry Allo-08-096 No  
Administrative Assistant 4 Brannon S. Allo-08-099 No  
Administrative Assistant 4 Cheng V. Allo-08-098 No  
Administrative Assistant 4 Presley V. Allo-08-095 No  
Administrative Assistant A Morefield Allo-07-001 No  
Administrative Assistant A Boekhoff Allo-07-085 Yes R-Allo-07-002
Administrative Assistant A Boekhoff HEU-4598 No  
Administrative Assistant A Owens K. HEU-4638 Yes R-Allo-07-015
Auditor 5 Cole et, al; Allo-08-017 Yes R-Allo-09-022
Automotive Mechanic Hunter HEU-4636 No  
Brand Control Specialist McCown L. Allo-09-001 No  
Bridge Engineer 4 Collins Allo-12-059 (Rule) No  
Broadcast Technician 2 Dvorak, A Allo-10-029 Yes R-Allo-11-003
Budget Analyst 2 Connochi-Vernon Allo-11-004 No  
Cartographer 3 Boyd, Thomas Allo-09-041 No  
Cashier 2 Cooper Allo-06-034 No  
Chaplain 1 Duncan, G Allo-10-045 No  
Chaplain 2 Farino Allo-08-034 No  
Chief Engineer Millard Allo-12-002 No  
Classification Counselor 2 Fortner Allo-13-032 No  
Classroom Support Technician 3 Douglas Allo-12-037 No  
Commerce Specialist 1 Dschaak Allo-16-029 No  
Commerce Specialist 2 Cole Allo-16-026 Yes R-Allo-09-022
Commerce Specialist 2 Honeysett Allo-15-099 No  
Commerce Specialist 2 Granbois Allo-15-098 No  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer 2 Steen Allo-12-014 No  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer 2 Huber Allo-12-015 No  
Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer 2 Cooling Allo-12-017 No  
Communications Consultant 2 Menard Allo-14-021 No  
Communications Consultant 2 Martin Allo-09-062 No  
Communications Consulltant 4 Wells Allo-16-062 No  
Communications Officer 2 Blas-Cazares, D Allo-11-050 No  
Community Corrections Officer 3 Sofia Allo-06-031 No  
Community Outreach & Environmental Education Specialist 4 Lynette Allo-06-028 No  
Compliance Specialist Supervisor Weech, B Allo-11-116 No  
Conference Coordinator 3 Shute Allo-08-024 Yes R-Allo-09-024
Control Technician Supervisor Webb, Ralph Allo-10-052 No  
Construction & Maintenance Project Specialist Manning Allo-10-006 Yes R-Allo-10-014
Construction & Maintenance Project Specialist 1 Salsberry 06AL0027 Yes R-Allo-06-013
Construction & Maintenance Project Specialist 2 Dahlke Allo-06-036 Yes Withdrawn
Construction & Maintenance Project Specialist 2 Heather, H. Allo-08-032 Yes R-Allo-09-018
Construction & Maintenance Project Specialist 2 McCoy, Quan Allo-08-030 Yes R-Allo-09-017
Construction Project Coordinator Raver Allo-12-068 No  
Construction Project Coordinator 3 Walters Allo-12-067 No  
Construction Project Manager 2 Sweaney Allo-07-048 No  
Contracts Specialist 1 Carlson Allo-07-030 No  
Copy Center Lead A Reyna Allo-14-101 No  
Copy Center Lead A Lofgren, C Allo-11-083 Yes



Correctional Industries Supervisor 4 Aikman Allo-07-019 No  
Correctional Records Specialist Seifert Allo-07-038 No  
Correctional Records Supervisor Burton Allo-14-097 Yes R-Allo-15-020
Correctional Records Supervisor Bowman Allo-13-046 Yes R-Allo-06-003
Correctional Records Supervisor Iverson Allo-12-019 Yes R-Allo-13-009
Correctional Records Supervisor Downey Allo-12-011 No  
Correctional Records Supervisor Williams, Jennifer Allo-09-039 Yes R-Allo-10-009
Correctional Records Technician 1 Peterson, Terrina Allo-09-037 Yes R-Allo-10-007
Correctional Records Technician 1 Terhune Allo-09-036 Yes R-Allo-10-006
Correctional Records Technician 1 Mueller, K Allo-09-040 Yes R-Allo-10-008
Correctional Records Technician 1 Hoppen Allo-10-003 No  
Corrections & Custody Officer 2 Cox Allo-13-070 No  
Corrections & Custody Officer 3 Keller Allo-15-097 No  
Corrections Mental Health Counselor 3 Hubbard Allo-12-020 Yes R-Allo-12-014
Corrections Specialist 1 Edler Allo-13-054 Yes R-Allo-14-003
Corrections Specialist 2 Anderson Allo-16-020 No  
Corrections Specialist 3 Thach Allo-11-019 No  
Corrections Specialist 3 Svoboda, S Allo-10-015 No  
Corrections Specialist 3 Jennings, K Allo-10-017 No  
Corrections Specialist 3 Byrnes Allo-08-065 Yes R-Allo-09-038
Corrections Specialist 3 Crewse Allo-07-004 Yes R-Allo-07-008
Corrections Specialist 3 Jurgensen Allo-07-007 Yes R-Allo-07-016
Credentials Evaluator 3 Walsh Allo-15-101 No  
Credentials Evaluator 3 Brenner Allo-13-053 No  
Credentials Evaluator 3 Nation Allo-13-052 No  
Credentials Evaluator 3 Paddy, K Allo-10-024 No  
Custodian 1 King Allo-08-078 No  
Custodian 1 Miller, Jay Allo-08-077 No  
Custodian 1 Olson Allo-06-002 Yes R-Allo-07-013
Custodian 1 Cummings Allo-06-009 Yes R-Allo-07-011
Custodian 1 Gandy Jr. HEU-4637 Yes R-Allo-07-010
Custodian 1 Thompson R. Allo-07-118 No  
Custodian 2 Hayes-Tipton, P Allo-10-061 No  
Custodian 3 Hubbard Allo-07-031 No  
Custodian 4 Andrews, M Allo-07-040 No  
Customer Service Specialist 1 Nordstrom Allo-13-008 No  
Customer Service Specialist 1 Mayes Allo-13-006 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Bell Allo-14-027 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Nordlof Allo-13-112 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Ritzer Allo-13-083    
Customer Service Specialist 2 Reinhold Allo-13-076    
Customer Service Specialist 2 Yusos Allo-12-012    
Customer Service Specialist 2 Williams Allo-13-027 Yes R-Allo-10-009
Customer Service Specialist 2 Wells Allo-13-012 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Wallace Allo-13-011 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Smalley Allo-13-010 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Parker Allo-13-009 Yes R-Allo-11-005
Customer Service Specialist 2 Michael Allo-13-007 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Malloy Allo-13-005 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Brill Allo-13-026 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Anundson Allo-13-025 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Boothe Allo-13-004 No  
Customer Service Specialist 2 Petrozzi, T Allo-11-043 Yes R-Allo-12-004
Customer Service Specialist 2 Holloway L. Allo-07-089 Yes R-Allo-08-023
Customer Service Specialist 2 Fullerton D. Allo-07-078 No  
Customer Service Specialist 4 Langbehn Allo-14-103 No  
Customer Service Specialist 4 Nucciarone Allo-12-070 No  
Customer Service Specialist 4 Taylor, Sandra Allo-10-012 No  
Customer Service Specialist 4 Newton, Markay Allo-10-013 No  
Customer Service Specialist 4 Raybourn, J Allo-10-014 No  
Data Compiler 3 Bond Allo-13-067 No  
Dental Assistant 2 Bravo V. Allo-07-122 No  
Developmental Disabilities Administrator Taloa-Hickey Allo-13-015 No  
Developmental Disabilities Administrator Pech Allo-13-019 No  
Developmental Disabilities Case/Resource Manager Maxwell Allo-13-049 Yes R-Allo-14-005
Dietitian 2 Terrell Allo-14-114 No  
Digital Printing Operator Tran Allo-11-089 Yes R-Allo-12-020
Digital Printing Operator Tharaldson Allo-11-088 Yes R-Allo-12-019
Digital Printing Operator Scannell Allo-11-087 Yes R-Allo-12-018
Digital Printing Operator Darrah Allo11-084 Yes R-Allo-12-015
Digital Printing Operator Nguyen Allo-11-086 Yes R-Allo-12-017
Digital Printing Operator Martinez Allo-11-085 Yes R-Allo-12-016
Digital Printing Specialist McBride Allo-16-068 Yes R-Allo-12-010
Digital Printing Technician Darrah Allo-16-024 Yes R-Allo-12-015
Early Childhood Program Specialist 2 Logan Allo-13-042 No  
Economic Analyst 2 Wines Allo-06-043 No  
Electronics Technician Mertins Allo-12-063 No  
Electronics Technician Franco Allo-12-064 No  
Electronics Technician Rozmaryn, E Allo-11-115 No  
Electronics Technician 4 Granum Allo-14-090 Yes R-Allo-15-004
Electronics Technician 4 Starkenburg All0-13-043 No  
Electronics Technician 4 Perez, C Allo-11-014 No  
Electronics Technician 4 Kepler, M Allo-11-114 No  
Electronics Technician 4 Heue Allo-09-013 No  
Electronics Technician 4 Ferrucci Allo-09-014 No  
Electronics Technician 4 Fadden Allo-09-012 No  
Electronics Technician 4 Pucket Allo-09-025 No  
Electronics Technician 4 Huling Allo-09-026 No  
Electronics Technician Supervisor Flores Allo-13-044 No  
Emergency Management Program Specialist 2 Walker, C Allo-10-050 Yes R-Allo-11-012
Employment Security Program Coordinator 1 Burgess Allo-06-040 No  
Employment Security Program Coordinator 3 Van Cleave 06AL0024 R-Allo-06-006 No Remand
Employment Security Program Coordinator 3 Bachman Allo-07-008 Yes R-Allo-06-004
Engineering Aide 3 Engelhardt Allo-16-033 No  
Engineering Technician James Allo-15-083 No  
Engineering Technician 3 Chasse Allo-16-023 No  
Environmental Engineer 3 Hallinan Allo-12-009 No  
Environmental Engineer 3 Jensen Allo-09-067 No  
Environmental Engineer 3A Rapozo T. Allo-07-058 Yes R-Allo-08-021
Environmental Engineer 5 Mallery Allo-12-010 Yes R-Allo-13-005
Environmental Specialist 2 Joy Allo-12-008 No  
Environmental Specialist 2 Lattyak Allo-09-032 Yes R-Allo-10-010
Environmental Specialist 3 Latham Allo-16-043 No  
Environmental Specialist 3 Graff Allo-15-067 No  
Environmental Specialist 3 Darnell Allo-15-032 No  
Environmental Specialist 3 Mora Allo-07-043 No  
Environmental Specialist 4 Rau Allo-13-051 No  
Environmental Specialist 4 Schulz Allo-08-061 Yes R-Allo-09-039
Equipment Technician 3 Hall 06AL0074 No  
Equipment Technician 3 Brader 06AL0075 No  
Equipment Technician 5 O'Brien, Gary Allo-08-073 Yes R-Allo-09-036
Examiner Support Specialist 1 Simms Allo-15-077 No  
Excise Tax Examiner 4 Bren Allo-07-013 Yes R-Allo-07-009
Facility Services Coordinator 2 Young P. Allo-07-051 No  
Financial Services Specialist 3 Cereghino Allo-13-091 Yes R-Allo-14-012
Financial Services Specialist 3 Feucht Allo-13-092 Yes R-Allo-14-019
Financial Services Specialist 3 Johnson Allo-13-093 Yes R-Allo-14-013
Financial Services Specialist 3 Lynch Allo-13-094 No  
Financial Services Specialist 3 Mayou Allo-13-095 Yes R-Allo-14-014
Financial Services Specialist 3 McCarthy Allo-13-096 Yes R-Allo-14-015
Financial Services Specialist 3 Odle Allo-13-097 Yes R-Allo-14-016
Financial Services Specialist 3 Percy Allo-13-098 Yes R-Allo-14-021
Financial Services Specialist 3 Taylor Allo-13-099 Yes R-Allo-14-017
Financial Services Specialist 3 Voss Allo-13-100 Yes R-Allo-14-020
Financial Services Specialist 3 Ybarra Allo-13-101 No  
Financial Services Specialist 3 Thosath Allo-13-102 No  
Financial Services Specialist 3 King Allo-13-103 Yes R-Allo-14-018
Financial Services Specialist 4 O'Dowd Allo-13-104 Yes R-Allo-14-023
Financial Services Specialist 4 Rees Allo-13-105 No  
Financial Services Specialist 5 Peterson Allo-13-107 No  
Fiscal Analyst 2 Phan Allo-15-081 No  
Fiscal Analyst 2 Baker Allo-12-057 No  
Fiscal Analyst 2 Barnhart, Lori Allo-09-051 No  
Fiscal Analyst 2 Keck Allo-08-021 No  
Fiscal Analyst 2 Slabaugh, C Allo-10-057 No  
Fiscal Analyst 3 Ashworth Allo-13-109 Yes R-Allo-14-022
Fiscal Analyst 3 Hilderbrand et; al. Allo-07-039 Yes Withdrawn
Fiscal Analyst 5 Capone Allo-16-060 No  
Fiscal Specialist Lead Storie Allo-15-080 No  
Fiscal Specialist 1 Moore Allo-14-086 No  
Fiscal Specialist 1 Hill, L Allo-10-038 No  
Fiscal Specialist 2 Reed Allo-14-043 Yes R-Allo-15-007
Fiscal Specialist 2 Palmer Allo-14-018 No  
Fiscal Specialist 2 Ashworth Allo-13-109 No  
Fiscal Technician Lead Duncan, C Allo-11-110 No  
Fiscal Technician Lead Ranahan Allo-08-094 No  
Fiscal Technician 2 Chirstopherson Allo-06-041 No  
Fiscal Technician 2 Peterson C. Allo-08-044 Yes R-Allo-09-015
Fiscal Technician 2 Carey M. Allo-08-089 Yes R-Allo-09-025
Fiscal Technician 2 Clark S. Allo-08-087 Yes R-Allo-09-027
Fiscal Technician 2 Hardy C. Allo-08-090 Yes R-Allo-09-026
Fiscal Technician 2 Wisner L. Allo-08-088 Yes R-Allo-09-023
Fiscal Technician 3 Prill Allo-13-037 Yes R-Allo-14-002
Fiscal Technician 3 Chamberlin HEU-4626 No  
Fiscal Technician 3 Comstock HEU-4627 No  
Fiscal Technician 3 Howerton HEU-4628 No  
Fiscal Technician 3 Libey HEU-4629 No  
Fiscal Technician 3 McDonald J. HEU-4630 No  
Fiscal Technician 3 Perkins HEU-4631 No  
Fiscal Technician 3 Webb HEU-4632 No  
Fish & Wildlife Biologist 2 Cyra Allo-14-004 No  
Fish & Wildlife Biologist 3 Burgess Allo-13-024 No  
Fish & Wildlife Biologist 4 Bolding Allo-13-041 No  
Fish & Wildlife Biologist 4 LeClair L. Allo-07-087 No  
Fish & Wildlife Health Specialist Varney Allo-12-025 Yes R-Allo-13-006
Floorlayer Mitchell Allo-16-051 No  
Floorlayer Bollman, B Allo-11-05 No  
Food Service Worker Lead O'Shaughnessy Allo-08-072 No  
Forensic Scientist 2 Bogen Allo-14-030 Yes R-Allo-15-005
Forest Technician Bruinsky Allo-06-045 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 1 Edwards Allo-13-059 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 1 Hontz Allo-13-061 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 1 Tufts Allo-13-033 Yes R-Allo-12-007
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Tolman, S Allo-10-036 Yes R-Allo-11-008
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Kelley, D Allo-10-035 Yes R-Allo-11-007
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Henderson, W Allo-10-034 Yes R-Allo-11-006
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Parker, R Allo-10-033 Yes R-Allo-11-005
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Giesa, R Allo-10-032 Yes R-Allo-11-004
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Johnson, Roger Allo-09-033 Yes R-Allo-10-005
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Hawkins R. Allo-08-037 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Kelley Allo-08-038 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Ledbetter Allo-08-039 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Nosich Allo-08-040 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Oatney Allo-08-041 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Finlay, April Allo-08-045 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Troxell Allo-08-052 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Tufts HEU-4622 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Johnson R. 06AL0085 Yes Withdrawn
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Landis 06AL0086 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 3 Nesser Allo-15-059 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 3 Mendel Allo-14-117 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 3 Reames Allo-15-004 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 3 Cain Allo-13-064 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 3 Simpson Allo-12-049; Yes R-Allo-13-011
Forms & Records Analyst 3 Silva Allo-13-058 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 3 Tufts, C Allo-11-118 No  
Forms & Records Analyst 3 Young, Kristin Allo-10-021 No  
General Repairer Munday 06AL0025 No  
Graphic Designer Darragh Allo-11-101 No  
Graphic Designer Fischer, Sharone Allo-09-056 No  
Graphic Designer Senior Parker Allo-15-079 No  
Graphic Designer Senior Gisi Allo-11-102 No  
Graphics Assistant Smith, John Allo-11-100 No  
Grounds & Nursery Services Specialist 2 Ridgeway Allo-14-105 No  
Grounds & Nursery Services Specialist 2 Chase Allo-14-104 No  
Grounds & Nursery Specialist 3 Castro Allo-10-005 No  
Health Services Consultant 1 Pearson Allo-15-034 No  
Health Services Consultant 1 Lacefield Allo-13-113 No  
Health Services Consultant 2 Nucup-Villaruz Allo-12-003 No  
Health Services Consultant 2 Carter Allo-12-024 No  
Health Services Consultant 3 Carlson Allo-14-079 No  
Hearings Scheduler Vizcaino Allo-13-089    
Hearings Scheduler Guertin Allo-13-078 No  
Hearings Scheduler Tran Allo-13-080 No  
Hearings Scheduler Shew Allo-13-079 No  
Hearings Scheduler Singer, Michelle Allo-09-054 Yes R-Allo-10-012
Hearings Scheduler Bronske, Bruce Allo-09-053 Yes R-Allo-10-011
HVAC Technician Martin Allo-14-093 No  
Human Resource Consultant 1 Peterson Allo-15-002    
Human Resource Consultant 1 Distefano Allo-06-013 No  
Human Resource Consultant 2 DeShazer Allo-08-036 Yes Withdrawn
Human Resource Consultant 3 McDonald Allo-12-046 No  
Human Resource Consultant 3 Jones Allo-06-037 No  
Human Resource Consultant 4 Penn, T Allo-11-020 No  
Human Resource Consultant 4 Wimmer, M Allo-11-021 No  
Human Resource Consultant 4 Vansot, R Allo-11-022 No  
Human Resource Consultant Assistant Moe 06AL0078 No  
Human Resource Consultant Assistant Spade 06AL0079 No  
Human Resource Consultant Assistant Murray 06AL0080 No  
Human Resource Consultant Assistant 2 Chandler, Y Allo-08-071 Yes Withdrawn
Human Resource Consultant Assistant 2 Sterling, Sharon Allo-09-068 No  
Human Resource Consultant 1 Thomas Allo-16-009 No  
Human Resource Consultant 1 Pederson J. 06AL0068 No  
Human Resource Consultant 2 Chillers 06AL0076 Yes R-Allo-07-003
Human Resource Specialist 4 Huff Allo-14-141    
Human Resource Specialist 4 Stell Allo-14-142    
Hydrogeologist 3 Huckaby, Alicia Allo-09-071    
Information Technology Specialist 1 Nguyen Allo-15-057 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 Cramer Allo-14-106 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 O'Rourke Allo-12-026 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 Wallachy, L Allo-11-037 Yes R-Allo-12-001
Information Technology Specialist 2 Schlittenhart Allo-09-052 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 Herrera Allo-07-037 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 Pride Allo-07-062 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 Gilbreath Allo-08-004 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 Kent Allo-08-031 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 Allessio Allo-08-066 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 Etheridge Allo-08-051 Yes R-Allo-09-034
Information Technology Specialist 2 Duncan Allo-08-050 Yes R-Allo-09-034
Information Technology Specialist 2 Turlington Allo-08-092 No  
Information Technology Specialist 2 Keown Allo-08-048 Yes R-Allo-09-033
Information Technology Specialist 2 Horvath Allo-08-049 Yes R-Allo-09-033
Information Technology Specialist 2 Marino Allo-09-019 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Ihli Allo-16-055 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Gander Allo-15-100 Yes R-Allo-16-010
Information Technology Specialist 3 Lowery Allo-15-096 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Thompkins Allo-15-091 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Coverdell Allo-16-003 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Novo Allo-13-108 Yes R-Allo-15-003
Information Technology Specialist 3 Low Allo-13-111 Yes R-Allo-15-001
Information Technology Specialist 3 Sauceda Allo-12-032 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Icenogle Allo-12-035 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Story, M Allo-10-055 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Hildebrand, Pam Allo-09-050 Yes R-Allo-10-013
Information Technology Specialist 3 Hanson J. Allo-07-113 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Carruth Allo-06-017 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Wang Allo-07-014 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Morrill Allo-07-049 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Steven Davis Allo-07-088 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 McNeely Allo-07-101 Yes R-Allo-08-011
Information Technology Specialist 3 Ferris, Daniel Allo-08-023 No  
Information Technology Specialist 3 Klampher, T Allo-10-060 Yes R-Allo-11-010
Information Technology Specialist 4 Melton Allo-16-057 No  
Information Technology Specialist 4 Newlean Allo-16-022 No  
Information Technology Specialist 4 McDaniel Allo-16-015 No  
Information Technology Specialist 4 Jones, C Allo-12-030 No  
Information Technology Specialist 4 Gerdes, J Allo-11-047 No  
Information Technology Specialist 4 Sullivan, Kimberly Allo-10-042 No  
Information Technology Specialist 4 Farland Allo-08-082 Yes R-Allo-09-035
Information Technology Specialist 4 Nandy Allo-08-042 No  
Information Technology Specialist 4 Zier Allo-07-112 No  
Information Technology Specialist 4 Goshorn Allo-06-005 Yes R-Allo-07-018
Information Technology Specialist 4 Pogue Allo-06-006 Yes R-Allo-07-017
Information Technology Specialist 4 Rayment Allo-07-055 No  
Information Technology Specialist 4 Schneider, R Allo-11-02 No  
Information Technology Specialist 5 Lay Allo-16-027 No  
Information Technology Specialist 5 Kono Allo-14-033 No  
Information Technology Specialist 5 Howell Allo-13-114 No  
Information Technology Specialist 5 Wheeler Allo-09-064 No  
Information Technology Specialist 5 Hannum Allo-07-065 No  
Information Technology Specialist 5 Allotta, Ron Allo-07-081 Yes R-Allo-09-021
Information Technology Systems/
Applications Specialist 6
Akin Allo-07-123 Yes R-Allo-09-004
Information Technology Systems/
Applications Specialist 6
Biggs Allo-09-009 No  
Institution Counselor 2 Southard, Margaret Allo-09-016 No  
Instruction & Classroom Support Technician 2 Van Cleave Allo-09-059 No  
Instruction & Classroom Support Technician 3 Howe Allo-12-053 No  
Investigator 1 Kearin Allo-14-075 No  
Investigator 1 Wallace Allo-13-090 No  
Juvenile Rehabilitation Supervisor Ragland-Sheahan Allo-13-022 No  
Labor & Industries Auditor 4 Emter 06AL0096 No  
Labor & Industries Auditor 4 Pierce 06AL0098 No  
Labor & Industries Auditor 5 Billings Allo-14-098 Yes R-Allo-15-050
Labor & Industries Auditor 5 Pierce Allo-12-043 No  
Labor & Industries Auditor 5 Boles 06AL0097 No  
Legal Secretary 1 Salazar Allo-14-074 No  
Library & Archives Paraprofessional 3 Soto 06AL0091 No  
Library & Archives Paraprofessional 2 Daling, Lailee Allo-10-022 No  
Library & Archives Paraprofessional 4 Drakes HEU-4633 No  
Library & Archives Paraprofessional 5 Stephens Allo-08-091 No  
Licensing Specialist 2 Yun Chu, Kim Allo-08-079 No  
Licensing Specialist 2 Luras, R Allo-08-062 No  
Licensing Specialist 3 Braley Allo-13-085 Yes R-Allo-14-009
Licensing Services Manager 1 Guthrie J. Allo-07-099 Yes R-Allo-09-011
Locksmith Koehler, T Allo-11-029 Yes R-Allo-12-005
Locksmith Cody 06AL0092 No  
Locksmith Lead Bogulaski, M Allo-10-059 No  
Locksmith Supervisor Cody Allo-08-067 No  
Locksmith Supervisor Hampton Allo-08-105 No  
Lottery District Sales Representative Berger Allo-15-011 Yes R-Allo-15-040
Lottery District Sales Representative Fleener Allo-15-018 Yes R-Allo-15-047
Lottery District Sales Representative Johnson Allo-15-013 Yes R-Allo-15-041
Lottery District Sales Representative Jun Allo-15-014 Yes R-Allo-15-042
Lottery District Sales Representative Mathison Allo-15-015 Yes R-Allo-15-043
Lottery District Sales Representative Sobel Allo-15-016 Yes R-Allo-15-045
Lottery District Sales Representative VanDeuren Allo-15-017 Yes R-Allo-15-044
Lottery District Sales Representative Yamamoto Allo-15-024 Yes R-Allo-15-046
Mail Processing Driver Marquart Allo-14-099 No  
Mail Processing Driver Dixon Allo-12-071 No  
Mail Processing Driver Dragoo Allo-12-072 No  
Mail Processing Driver Matsen Allo-12-073 No  
Mail Processing Driver Tuffree Allo-12-074 No  
Mail Processing Driver Dickson Allo-07-009 No  
Mail Processing Driver Lead Doty Allo-14-110 No  
Mail Processing Driver Lead Edwards Allo-09-057 No  
Mail Processing Driver Lead Harmon Allo-07-044 Yes R-Allo-08-012
Mail Processing Driver Lead Dawson Allo-06-023 Yes R-Allo-08-001
Maintenance Mechanic 1 Matovu S. Allo-07-117 Yes R-Allo-08-025
Maintenance Mechanic 1 Rey D. Allo-07-074 Yes R-Allo-08-024
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Aliyev Allo-16-049 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Moen Allo-16-016 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Perez Allo-15-010 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Akopov Allo-14-008 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Devlin Allo-13-028 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Langhorn Allo-13-002 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Frazier, D Allo-11-112 Yes R-Allo-12-008
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Porria, D Allo-10-037 Yes R-Allo-11-009
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Jankowski 06AL0093 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Baker Allo-06-008 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Maupin Allo-06-021 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Scharnhorst Allo-06-022 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 McMillan P. Allo-07-119 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Munday D. Allo-07-120 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Stender A. Allo-07-121 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Donner Allo-08-016 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Gonzales E. Allo-08-058 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 3 Dunn Allo-15-003 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 3 McGreaham Allo-13-056 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 3 Lush Allo-08-059 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 3 Faull 06AL0063 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 3 Porter Allo-07-005 Yes R-Allo-08-007
Maintenance Mechanic 4 Baker Allo-14-085 No  
Maintenance Mechanic 4 Werda, T Allo-11-025 No  
Maintenance Specialist 3 Carver Allo-14-045 No  
Maintenance Specialist 4 Bennett Allo-16-014 No  
Maintenance Specialist 4 Mueller Allo-15-062 Yes R-Allo-16-002
Maintenance Specialist 4 Osberg Allo-06-020 No  
Maintenance Specialist 5 Sandhu Allo-14-077 No  
Maintenance Specialist 5 Grady, J Allo-11-007 No  
Management Analyst 4 Carrington Allo-13-072 No  
Management Analyst 4 Veenstra Allo-12-018 Yes R-Allo-13-012
Marine Designer Beaver Allo-07-054 No  
Marine Project Engineer Rucki, G Allo-12-016 No  
Media Maintenance Technician 2 McNeely Allo-14-078 Yes R-Allo-15-013
Media Maintenance Technician 2 Hunnewell Allo-14-081 Yes R-Allo-15-015
Media Maintenance Technician 2 Goos Allo-14-080    
Media Maintenance Technician Lead Phipps Allo-14-088    
Media Maintenance Technician Lead Webber Allo-14-037    
Media Technician Lead Stenzel Allo-13-068    
Medical Assistance Program Specialist 2 Hidell-Smith Allo-15-086    
Medical Assistance Specialist 3 Sleight Allo-11-108    
Medical Assistance Specialist 3 Haller et; al. 06AL0088 No  
Medical Assistant Specialist 2 Mitchem 06AL0069 No  
Medical Assistant Specialist 2 Gallegos 06AL0071 No  
Medical Assistant Specialist2 Quichocho 06AL0072 No  
Natural Resource Scientist 4 Mansfield, K Allo-11-011 Yes R-Allo-11-014
Natural Resource Specialist 2 Knutzen Allo-16-005    
Natural Resource Specialist 2 Thomsen, Christ Allo-08-009 No  
Natural Resource Technician 3 Silins 06AL0066 No  
Office Assistant 2 Mosebar, C Allo-10-049 No  
Office Assistant 2 Payne 06AL0070 No  
Office Assistant 2 Dudley 06AL0090 Yes R-Allo-07-007
Office Assistant 2 Harris Allo-07-012 Yes R-Allo-08-019
Office Assistant 2 Johnson J. HEU-4635 No  
Office Assistant 3 Johnson, K Allo-16-007    
Office Assistant 3 Wise Allo-15-095    
Office Assistant 3 Merson Allo-15-094    
Office Assistant 3 Goucher Allo-15-093    
Office Assistant 3 Hansen Allo-13-074    
Office Assistant 3 DeHart Allo-13-073    
Office Assistant 3 Davies Allo-12-061    
Office Assistant 3 Inman, E Allo-12-006    
Office Assistant 3 Phu, A Allo-10-048 No  
Office Assistant 3 Puckett, N Allo-10-030 No  
Office Assistant 3 Daugherty Allo-10-009 No  
Office Assistant 3 Blocker, N Allo-09-043 Yes R-Allo-10-015
Office Assistant 3 Diamond, K Allo-09-042 Yes R-Allo-10-016
Office Assistant 3 Brown, P Allo-09-044 Yes R-Allo-10-019
Office Assistant 3 Shriner Allo-09-048 Yes R-Allo-10-017
Office Assistant 3 Nuse Allo-09-045 Yes R-Allo-10-018
Office Assistant 3 Buckley, Jo Allo-09-038 No  
Office Assistant 3 Le, Dung Allo-08-084 No  
Office Assistant 3 Cox, U. Allo-08-104 No  
Office Assistant 3 Sauer, Ronnie Allo-09-008 No  
Office Assistant 3 Mihelich Allo-08-102 Yes Withdrawn
Office Assistant 3 Holt 06AL0021 No  
Office Assistant 3 Sharp Allo-07-011 Yes R-Allo-08-008
Office Assistant 3 Andrews, Sheryln Allo-08-015 No  
Office Assistant 3 Zuren T. Allo-08-047 No  
Office Assistant 3 Jaskar Allo-09-017 No  
Office Assistant Lead Schlagel Allo-14-092    
Office Assistant Lead Kinley Allo-07-056 No  
Office Manager Vetters Allo-08-002 No  
Office Manager Aerni Allo-08-003 No  
Office Manager Guthrie, Jeanne Allo-07-080 Yes Withdrawn
Office Manager Hintz, B Allo-07-076 Yes Withdrawn
Office Manager Jessen Allo-07-082 Yes Withdrawn
Office Manager Perales Allo-07-075 Yes Withdrawn
Office Manager Powell, Zona Allo-07-079 Yes Withdrawn
Office Manager Randall, C Allo-07-071 Yes Withdrawn
Office Support Supervisor 1 Lotonuu, S Allo-11-109    
Office Support Supervisor 2 August Allo-14-024    
Offset Press Operator Malloy, C Allo-11-097    
Offset Press Operator Lund, J Allo-11-096    
Offset Press Operator Hayes, D Allo-11-095    
Offset Press Operator Hansen, M Allo-11-094    
Offset Press Operator Chase, M Allo-11-090    
Offset Printer Operator Jauken, L Allo-11-093    
Offset Printer Operator Harding Allo-11-092    
Offset Printer Operator Dionne, J Allo-11-091    
Park Ranger 1 Ruh 06AL0073 Yes R-Allo-07-004
Park Ranger 3 Blank, R Allo-11-013    
Park Ranger 3 Jensen Allo-08-081 No  
Park Ranger 3 Broad Allo-08-064 Yes R-Allo-09-037
Parks Interpretive Consultant Schmidt J. Allo-07-115 No  
Parks Interpretive Specialist Linch Allo-15-072    
Parks Interpretive Specialist Dinzl-Pederson Allo-14-023    
Parks Interpretive Specialist Stout, S Allo-11-018    
Patient Services Coordinator Pyeatt Allo-16-037    
Patient Services Coordinator Webb Allo-16-046    
Patient Services Representative Baird Allo-16-044    
Patient Services Representative Dilling Allo-16-047    
Payroll Supervisor Hanson D. Allo-07-067 No  
PBX & Telephone Operator Bates K. A Allo-07-090 Yes R-Allo-08-022
PBX & Telephone Operator Broumley Allo-07-091 Yes R-Allo-08-022
PBX & Telephone Operator Brown J. Allo-07-092 Yes R-Allo-08-022
PBX & Telephone Operator Cornelious Allo-07-093 No  
PBX & Telephone Operator Jackson A. Allo-07-094 Yes R-Allo-08-022
PBX & Telephone Operator Mikelson A. Allo-07-095 Yes R-Allo-08-022
PBX & Telephone Operator Murphy T. Allo-07-096 No  
PBX & Telephone Operator Shanburn Allo-07-097 Yes R-Allo-08-022
PBX & Telephone Operator Sotelo Allo-07-098 Yes R-Allo-08-022
Pest Biologist 3 Wraspir Allo-14-053    
Pest Biologist 3 Cooper Allo-14-052    
Pharmacy Technician 1 Branson Allo-14-020    
Plumber/Pipefitter/Steamfitter Bottcher Allo-13-031 Yes R-Allo-14-001
Plumber/Pipefitter/Steamfitter Wallen N. Allo-08-103 Yes R-Allo-09-028
Printing & Duplication Specialist 1 Schaeffer Allo-11-051    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 1 Howard, Jeremy Allo-11-051    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Wilson Allo-11-061    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 VanBrunt Allo-11-060    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Stavee Allo-11-059    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Padila Allo-11-067    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Mapu Allo-11-066    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Husted Allo-11-058    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Hatfield Allo-11-063    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Flaisig Allo-11-082    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Barndt, J Allo-11-081    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 McMillan, J Allo-11-064    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Walker, J Allo-11-065    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Faught,J Allo-11-062    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 2 Cox, M Allo-11-023    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Wright Allo-11-080    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Strand Allo-11-079    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Smith, Jesse Allo-11-069    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 McKeown Allo-11-078    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Lofgren, Paul Allo-11-077    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Lantzy Allo-11-076    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Howard, Jason Allo-11-075    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Gorgas Allo-11-074    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Cottrell Allo-11-072    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Clausen Allo-11-071    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Charles Allo-11-070    
Printing & Duplication Specialist 3 Cairy Allo-11-068    
Procurement & Supply Specialist 1 Norwood Allo-16-042    
Procurement & Supply Specialist 1 Chandler Allo-12-048    
Procurement & Supply Specialist 2 Chappell Allo-14-054    
Procurement & Supply Specialist 2 McElfish Allo-14-106    
Procurement & Supply Specialist 2 Mask, M Allo-11-016    
Procurement & Supply Support Specialist 3 Witwer Allo-14-095    
Procurement & Supply Support Specialist 3 Shearer Allo-14-094    
Program Assistant Hoeschen Allo-14-105    
Program Assistant Basquez Allo-14-046    
Program Assistant Zadneprovskaya Allo-06-046 No  
Program Assistant Juarez, J Allo-11-008 No  
Program Assistant McDaniel, K Allo-08-074 No  
Program Coordinator Socia Allo-16-059    
Program Coordinator Simkin Allo-16-035    
Program Coordinator Stettler Allo-16-001    
Program Coordinator Bonfadini Allo-15-092    
Program Coordinator Murcia Allo-15-060    
Program Coordinator Wilson Allo-15-026    
Program Coordinator Bush Allo-14-082    
Program Coordinator Rinearson Allo-14-003    
Program Coordinator Brunner Allo-13-110    
Program Coordinator Hawes Allo-13-087    
Program Coordinator Jensen Allo-13-055    
Program Coordinator Brenden Allo-13-045    
Program Coordinator Walther Allo-12-022    
Program Coordinator Sigman Allo-13-030    
Program Coordinator Amell, P Allo-10-041 No  
Program Coordinator Finnestad Allo-10-007 No  
Program Coordinator Pickens Allo-10-002 No  
Program Coordinator McLean Allo-06-004 Yes R-Allo-07-022
Program Coordinator Jahraus Allo-06-014 No  
Program Coordinator Downard Allo-07-009 No  
Program Coordinator McKinney Allo-07-025 No  
Program Coordinator Gomez Allo-07-032 No  
Program Coordinator Niles Allo-07-033 No  
Program Coordinator Evanstad Allo-07-042 No  
Program Coordinator Alvarez Allo-07-046 Yes R-Allo-08-013
Program Coordinator Lunsford HEU-4620 No  
Program Coordinator Gorosave Allo-08-080 No  
Program Coordinator Robinette J. Allo-08-070 No  
Program Coordinator Anderson, Lisa Allo-08-043 No  
Program Coordinator Roney A. Allo-08-083 Yes R-Allo-09-030
Program Specialist Early Allo-09-073 No  
Program Specialist 2 Bradley Allo-16-019    
Program Specialist 2 Nichols Allo-14-084    
Program Specialist 2 Showalter Allo-14-038    
Program Specialist 2 Schneider Allo-13-020    
Program Specialist 2 McFadden Allo-09-046 Yes R-Allo-10-002
Program Specialist 3 Curry Allo-14-113    
Program Specialist 3 Brascher Allo-14-112    
Program Specialist 4 Floyd Allo-12-062    
Program Specialist 5 Hall, B Allo-10-039 Yes Withdrawn
Program Support Supervisor 1 Gegenhuber Allo-14-047    
Program Support Supervisor 1 Caveness Allo-12-050    
Program Support Supervisor 1 Requa, K Allo-11-028    
Program Support Supervisor 2 Rafferty Allo-15-089    
Program Support Supervisor 2 Barnes Allo-15-030    
Program Support Supervisor 2 Burke Allo-13-081    
Program Support Supervisor 2 McFadden Allo-13-047    
Property & Acquisition Specialist 2 Nedergard Allo-07-070 No  
Property & Acquisition Specialist 1 Bortz Scrivner Rennie Allen Allo-06-007 Yes R-Allo-07-012
Psychiatric Social Worker 3 Miller Allo-15-087    
Psychologist 4 Gallagher Allo-16-056    
Psychology Associate Randall Allo-16-018    
Radiation Safety Technician 2 McGhee Allo-09-011 No  
Radiation Safety Technician 3 Smeltz J. Allo-07-124 Yes R-Allo-09-001
Recreation & Athletics Specialist 2 Brooks Allo-07-103 No  
Recreation & Athletics Specialist 2 Wilson Allo-07-105 No  
Recreation & Athletics Specialist 3 Ross Allo-07-104 No  
Rehabilitation Technician 1 Bauder, M Allo-11-031    
Research Analyst 4 Berseth Allo-12-060    
Research Study Coordinator 1 Courtright Allo-12-038    
Residential Rehabilitation Counselor 4 Stoddard, W All--11-033    
Residential Rehabilitation Counselor 4 Eagle, B Allo-11-034    
Retail Clerk 2 Beardsley, PC Allo-10-064 No  
Retail Clerk Lead McFadden Allo-07-015 No  
Revenue Agent 2 Lindstrom Allo-13-001    
Revenue Agent 2 McLenan-Kenny Allo-11-103    
Roofer Smith Allo-06-015 No  
Roofer Neppel Allo-06-016 No  
Safety & Health Specialist 2 Navarre Allo-08-019 Yes R-Allo-09-008
Safety & Health Specialist 2 Brown P. Allo-08-018 Yes R-Allo-09-007
Safety & Health Specialist 2 Sturman 06AL0028 R-Allo-06-010 No Remand
Safety & Health Specialist 4 Springer Allo-14-032    
Scientific Instructional Technician 4 Campbell HEU-4621 No  
Scientific Instructional Technician 2 Brooks C. Allo-07-083 No  
Scientific Technician 4 Smith, S Allo-11-035    
Secretary Pederson C. HEU-4639 Yes R-Allo-07-014
Security Guard 1 Harp R. Allo-07-108 No  
Secretary Administration Coleman-Bradley Allo-08-106 No  
Secretary Lead Shattuck Allo-07-045 No  
Secretary Lead Lynch L. Allo-08-055 No  
Secretary Senior James Allo-13-048    
Secretary Senior Tegner Allo-13-066    
Secretary Senior Brown,M Allo-11-010    
Secretary Senior Bello Allo-06-027 Yes R-Allo-08-003
Secretary Senior Bush S. HEU-4640 No  
Secretary Senior Hoschar, K Allo-08-053 No  
Secretary Supervisor Cashen Allo-09-005 No  
Secretary Supervisor Oliver D. Allo-09-002 Yes Withdrawn
Sheet Metal Mechanic Hopkins, M Allo-11-006 No  
Sign Painter Lead Mallgren Allo-13-029    
Social & Health Program Consultant 2 Marshall Allo-16-006    
Social & Health Program Consultant 2 Waller Allo-15-071    
Social & Health Program Consultant 2 Rall Allo-15-074    
Social & Health Program Consultant 2 Elwin-Smith Allo-15-075    
Social & Health Program Consultant 2 Daniels Allo-15-076    
Social & Health Program Manager 2 Thompson Allo-06-039 No  
Social Service Specialist 3 DSHS EEs Allo-15-038 - 056    
Speech Pathologist/Audiologist 3 Larson Allo-15-028    
Supply Officer 1 Hays J. Allo-07-069 Yes R-Allo-08-017
Supply Officer 1 Barsness Allo-06-019 No  
Surplus Inventory Control Specialist 2 Davison Allo-13-035    
Tax Policy Specialist 2 Cason Allo-14-026    
Tax Policy Specialist 2 Carlson Allo-14-025    
Tax Specialist 3 Keegan Allo-09-065 No  
Tax Specialist 4 Botaitis Allo-14-058    
Tax Specialist 4 Carrothers Allo-14-059    
Tax Specialist 4 Craig Allo-14-060    
Tax Specialist 4 Dahlen Allo-14-061    
Tax Specialist 4 Dean Allo-14-062    
Tax Specialist 4 Dykes Allo-14-063    
Tax Specialist 4 Hartung Allo-14-064    
Tax Specialist 4 Mollet Allo-14-065    
Tax Specialist 4 Motto Allo-14-066    
Tax Specialist 4 Nguyen Allo-14-067    
Tax Specialist 4 Rehfield Allo-14-068    
Tax Specialist 4 Sem Allo-14-069    
Tax Specialist 4 Serrano Allo-14-070    
Tax Specialist 4 Shaw Allo-14-071    
Toxicologist 2 McBride Allo-12-001    
Transportation Engineer 1 Jewkes Allo-09-058 No  
Transportation Engineer 1 Ammen Allo-06-011 No  
Transportation Engineer 2 Emerson, T Allo-08-046 Yes R-Allo-09-010
Transportation Engineer 2 Worden Allo-13-039    
Transportation Engineer 2 Korndorfer H. Allo-08-006 Yes R-Allo-09-009
Transportation Engineer 2 Makari A. Allo-08-008 Yes R-Allo-09-006
Transportation Engineer 2 Firouzi A. Allo-08-005 Yes R-Allo-09-005
Transportation Engineer 2 Waldher Allo-08-010 Yes R-Allo-08-026
Transportation Engineer 3 Guinn Allo-14-087    
Transportation Engineer 3 Wehbe Allo-08-029 Yes R-Allo-09-012
Transportation Engineer 3 Mathisen 06AL0032 No  
Transportation Engineer 3 Ensley Allo-06-025 Yes R-Allo-07-019
Transportation Engineer 3 Hughes Allo-06-029 Yes R-Allo-07-021
Transportation Engineer 3 Greer Allo-06-026 Yes R-Allo-07-020
Transportation Engineer 3 Carandang Allo-08-076 Yes R-Allo-09-029
Transportation Engineer 4 Anderson, J Allo-12-027    
Transportation & Planning Specialist 3 Taylor, S Allo-11-001    
Transportation & Planning Specialist 4 Ward Allo-09-074 No  
Transportation Planning Supervisor Carey Allo-12-051    
Transportation Technician 2 Rasaie J. Allo-08-086 Yes R-Allo-09-031
Transportation Technician 3 Watts Allo-14-109    
Transportation Technician 3 Chase Allo-14-035    
Transportation Technician 3 Abu-Saleh Allo-07-110 Yes R-Allo-09-002
Truck Driver 2 Moreno Allo-07-002 No  
TV/Video Equipment Operator Supervisor Webber Allo-12-040    
TV/Video Equipment Operator Supervisor Jones, F Allo-12-039    
Unemployment Insurance Specialist 3 Kerr, David Allo-09-035 No  
Untimely Reicheldefer Allo-14-107    
Untimely Novak Allo-14-096    
Untimely Binkley Rule-14-002    
Untimely Fox Allo-14-019    
Untimely Funk, D Allo-11-012 No  
Untimely Reese, R Allo-10-062 No  
Untimely Garcia Allo-10-044 No  
Untimely Porras Allo-10-046 No  
Untimely Schlee Rule-10-006 No  
Untimely Swogger Allo-10-026 No  
Untimely Allinger Allo-10-019 No  
Untimely Sharp Allo-10-020 No  
Untimely Seely Allo-10-018 No  
Untimely Doering D. Allo-07-057 Yes R-Allo-08-014
Untimely Fadden M. Allo-07-106 Yes R-Allo-08-005
Untimely Holman D. Allo-08-011 Yes R-Allo-08-010
Untimely Cahill Allo-08-013 Yes Withdrawn
Untimely Fugami Allo-08-093 No  
Untimely Gilman Allo-08-069 No  
Untimely Rodriguez, Sylvia Allo-09-021 No  
Untimeley Underwood, V Allo-11-032 No  
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 2 Bales Allo-13-014    
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 2 Tossini, A Allo-10-031 Yes R-Allo-11-013
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 4 Norberg, M Allo-10-053 No  
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 4 Bean, J Allo-10-054 No  
Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 4 Dougherty-Guild, S Allo-10-056 No  
WCC Crew Supervisor Tate D. Allo-08-054 No  
Warehouse Operator 1 Carston 06AL0048 No  
Warehouse Operator 2 Lockyear Allo-14-007    
Warehouse Operator 2 Shriver Allo-11-057    
Warehouse Operator 2 Mansuy Allo-11-056    
Warehouse Operator 2 Hoang Allo-11-055    
Warehouse Operator 2 Freer Allo-11-054    
Warehouse Operator 2 Appadurai Allo-11-053    
Warehouse Operator 2 Moore 06AL0050 No  
Warehouse Operator 2 Johnson V. 06AL0056 No  
Warehouse Operator 2 Laye Allo-07-035 No  
Warehouse Operator 2 DeRouen Allo-07-003 No  
Warehouse Operator 3 Hadden Allo-14-029    
Warehouse Operator 3 Campbell Allo-13-013    
Warehouse Operator 4 Goad 06AL0046 No  
Warehouse Operator 4 Swensen 06AL0047 No  
Warehouse Operator 4 Evans 06AL0051 Yes R-Allo-07-001
Warehouse Operator 4 Kern 06AL0053 No  
Warehouse Operator 4 Wulf 06AL0062 No  
Waste Collector Dahman Allo-12-065    
Waste Collector Huffaker, D Allo-11-015    
Weights & Measures Inspector 2 Nelson Allo-14-017    
Weights & Measures Inspector 2 Fluharty Allo-14-013    
Workers Compensation Adjudicator 4 Wagaman Allo-16-012    
Worksource Specialist 2 Gates Allo-12-005    
Worksource Specialist 2 Sharp, B Allo-11-117    
Worksource Specialist 2 Crowder 06AL0087 Yes R-Allo-07-006
Worksource Specialist 2 Mayther Allo-06-033 Yes R-Allo-08-004

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