About the Workforce Diversity Program

In Washington State, we aspire to proactively build a diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent workforce. We do this by eliminating barriers to growth and opportunity, allowing each employee to contribute his or her full measure of talent, and building our capacity to deliver innovative, effective, and culturally relevant services to all the people of Washington.

The Office of the State HR Director (OSHRD) and HR Governance

The State HR Director serves as the Governor's Chief Diversity Officer with responsibility for promoting diversity and inclusion as part of Washington's overall talent management framework. However, by definition, diversity and inclusion cannot be achieved in isolation. So, OSHRD works collaboratively with the Department of Enterprise Services (DES), and state agencies through the State Diversity Council to develop policies and strategies to create a diverse, inclusive, and culturally competent workforce.

The State Diversity Council

The Diversity Council serves as the state's diversity advisory and coordinating group. As part of the Washington State's HR governance structure, the council works collaboratively with the HR Management Advisory Group, OSHRD, and agency HR offices to support strategic diversity efforts across state government. The purpose of the council is to:

  • Surface issues and develop recommendations on enterprise diversity strategies.
  • Provide feedback and input on diversity issues and strategies, metrics, and data definitions.
  • Share information with and solicit input from the broader state diversity and HR communities.
  • Collaborate on implementation of enterprise diversity initiatives.
  • Recommend a training and development agenda for agency diversity practitioners (including reasonable accommodation coordinators).