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The bulk of requests come from employees asking the Director to review an employer’s allocation decision. An allocation is the classification of an employee’s position. An allocation decision may also be referred to as the results of a position review.

In most cases, a Director’s review of an allocation may be requested by both represented and unrepresented employees. Represented employees should reference the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) covering their positions, as well as any rules that apply, as stated in the CBA.

Employees may not request a Director’s review of layoff actions but may request a Director’s review of the removal of his/her name from a layoff list. Employees may not request a Director’s review of disciplinary actions, such as dismissal, demotion, or suspension. Instead, unrepresented employees may appeal these actions directly to the Personnel Resources Board.

WAC-357-49-010 details the actions for which individuals may request a Director’s review. The Director’s review is the first step in the appeal process. Director’s review decisions may be appealed to the Personnel Resources Board in accordance with Chapter 357-52 WAC.