Director's Decisions - Rules, Remedial and Other

Rules Remedial Name Removal From Layoff List

Rule Violations

Employee DR Case # Appealed to the PRB PRB Case #

Friedman J.

Rule-06-001 No  
Ensenat K. Rule-06-002 No  
Jones-Hook J. Rule-06-003 No  
Mishra C. Rule-06-005 Yes R-Rule-07-002
Sakkarapope B. Rule-07-001 Yes R-Rule-07-001
Bashaw, Smith, Neppel, Maupin Rule-07-002 No  
Vilja P. Rule-07-003 No  
Hall A. Rule-07-004 No  
Freeman J. Rule-07-005 No  
Harwood R. Rule-08-001 No  
Flowers K. Rule-08-002 Yes R-Rule-08-001
Grove B. Rule-08-004 No  
Loomis A. Rule-08-005 No  
Loomis A. Rule-09-001 Yes R-Rule-09-001
Thomas C. Rule-09-003 No  
Elinski Rule-09-004 No  
Wickham, Charles Rule-09-005 Yes Withdrawn
Paul Vilja Rule-10-004 No  
Mary Hogan Allo-10-023 No  
Wisner, Krista Rule-10-005 No  
Mooers, Spencer Rule-10-007 Yes R-Rule-00-001
Wright, Lawrence Rule-10-011 No  
Luna, Norma Rule-10-014 No  
Morton, W Rule-10-013 No  
Weldin, M Rule-11-001 No  
Roberson, T Rule-12-001
Zerzan Rule-12-001    
Killingsworth, L Rule-12-002    
Noonan Rule-12-008    
Cardin Rule-12-007    
Collins Allo-12-059
Guyer Rule-13-001    
Reichelderfer Rule-14-005    
Graves Rule-14-006    


Employee DR Case # Appealed to the PRB PRB Case #
Herbruger Rema-15-001    
Bohlmann Rema-14-003    
Hopkins Rema-14-002    
Myers Rema-14-001    
Kelley Rema-12-002 No  
Rea C. Rema-08-001 Yes R-Rule-08-002
Bloomsberg, Arwen Rema-09-002 No  
Bushey, Lowell Rema-09-003 Yes R-Rule-10-002
Carpenter, Anne Rema-10-001 No  
Buccarelli, L Rema 11-002 Yes R-Rule-11-002
Mitzel, C Rema-11-001 Yes R-Rule-11-003

Name Removal From Layoff List and Other

Employee DR Case # Appealed to the PRB PRB Case #

Davidson R.

Name-08-001 No  
Stone M. Exam-06-001 No