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Alcohol - In public place - prohibited RCW 66.44
Alcohol - At state institutions - prohibited RCW 72.23.300
Annual (vacation) leave RCW 43.01.040-047
Applicant interview questions WAC 162-12-140
Bona fide occupational qualification (BFOQ) WAC 162-16-240
Background investigation (DSHS) - RCW 10.97
Background investigation (DSHS) - Hiring felons RCW 43.20A.710
Background investigation (DSHS) - Conviction records to employers RCW 43.43.815
Background investigation (DSHS) - Rules on background investigation RCW 41.06.475,476,480
Breaks - meal periods WAC 296-126-092
Breastfeeding in the Workplace RCW 49.60.030
Business, regulation of (Includes Licensing) RCW 18
Childcare leave RCW 49.12.350
Child daycare RCW 41.04.370
Civil duty leave - Compensation of jurors
RCW 2.36.150
Civil service law RCW 41.06
Code of ethics for state employees RCW 42.52
Collective bargaining - Higher education RCW 41.80
RCW 41.06.150
Collective bargaining - General government RCW 41.06.133
RCW 41.56
Colleges and universities RCW 28B.10
Colleges and universities - Delegation of powers and duties RCW 28B.10.528
Colleges and universities - Vacation for faculty and admin exempt RCW 43.01.042

Commute trip reduction - Telecommuting

RCW 70.94.521
RCW 70.94.531
Community & technical college act RCW 28B.50
Conflict of interest (Ethics) RCW 42.52
Credit checks RCW 19.182.020
Death benefits (On the job) RCW 41.04.017
Domestic violence and the workplace EO 96-05
Disability due to pregnancy (Family leave) - Employment protection RCW 49.78
RCW 49.78.280

Discrimination prohibited

RCW 49.60.030
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Employee assistance program

RCW 41.04.700 - 730

Employee records

RCW 49.46.070
Ethics law - Gifts
RCW 42.52.150 & 170
Ethics law - Outside employment RCW 42.52.120
Ethics law - Use of state resources RCW 42.52.160
Ethics law - Incompatible activities RCW 42.52.020

Exempt return rights (Prior classified service)

RCW 41.06.070
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Family leave RCW 49.78
Family leave - Parental leave RCW 49.12.350-370
Family leave - Sick leave to care for a child under 18 RCW 49.12.270-295
Family leave - Maternity leave - discrimination prohibited WAC 162-30-020

Federal job trades/exchanges

RCW 41.04.140-170
Fingerprinting RCW 43.43.740 & 760
Firearms and weapons RCW 9.41.270
500K state of WA annuity protection RCW 48.32A
Flextime schedules RCW 41.04.390
RCW 70.94.527
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Gifts RCW 42.52.140 & 170
Health care eligibility WAC 182-12-111 - 115
Hiring felons RCW 9.96A.020
Hiring practices and employment regulations WAC 162-12
Holidays (legal) RCW 1.16.050
Hours of work (for state offices) RCW 42.04.060
Hours of work & wages for minors RCW 49.12.121
Human Rights Commission RCW 49.60
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I-200 - Discrimination, preferential treatment prohibited RCW 49.60.400 & 401
Indemnification of state employees - (Judgments obtained, fines levied or settlements) RCW 4.24.490
Insurance eligibility - (Pay status 8 or more hours per month) WAC 182-08-190
Interchange of personnel between federal and state RCW 41.04.140-170
Intergovernmental mobility RCW 41.04.140-170
Internship program RCW 43.06.410-435
Interviews for employment WAC 162-12-140
Inventions (Employee rights) RCW 49.44.140 & 150
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Legislator (State employee) RCW 41.04.120
Leave - Family medical leave RCW 49.78
Leave - Military RCW 38.40.060
Leave - Parental (Child care) RCW 49.12.350-370
Leave - Shared RCW 41.04.650-670
Leave - Sick (also see sick leave) RCW 41.48.140
RCW 41.04.340
Leave - Sick leave to care for a child under 18 RCW 49.12.270-295
Leave - Sick leave transfer from a college RCW 28B.50.551
Leave - School district not eligible to transfer leave RCW 28A.400.300
Leave - Vacation RCW 43.01.040-047
Lie detector tests - Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) RCW 49.44.120 & 135
Licensing requirements - (DOL) WAC 308
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Maternity leave regulations WAC 162-30-020
Meal periods and rest periods
WAC 296-126-092
RCW 49.12
Military leave (21 days) RCW 38.40.060
Military leave - Prohibits discharge due to military duties RCW 38.40.050
Military leave -Reemployment after military leave RCW 73.16.033 & 035
Minimum wage act (L&I) RCW 49.46
Mission statement required (Agency) RCW 43.88.090
Motor vehicle use (State owned or leased) RCW 43.01.150
Moving expenses of employees RCW 43.03.110 & 120
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Nepotism - Discrimination because of spouse
WAC 162-16-250
Nepotism - No discrimination based on marital status RCW 49.60.180-200
Nepotism - Special privilege RCW 42.52.070
New employees - moving expense RCW 43.03.110 & 120
Open meeting act RCW 42.30.010-080
Organ Donation & Life Giving EO 02-01
Outside employment RCW 42.52.020 & 080
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Parental leave (Also see leave)
Family leave
RCW 49.12.350-370
RCW 49.78
Payroll deductions RCW 41.04.245
Payroll semi-monthly (10-day lag time) RCW 42.16.010
Pay Stub WAC 296-126-030
Personal holiday RCW 1.16.050
Performance evaluations RCW 41.06.169
RCW 41.06.176-196
Personnel records - Employee inspection RCW 49.12.240-260
Personnel records - Destruction/Retention RCW 41.06.450
Personnel resources board RCW 41.06.110
Personnel services RCW 41.06.080
Political activity
Use of public funds or office use prohibited
RCW 41.06.250
RCW 42.17.128 & 130
Pre-employment interview questions WAC 162-12-140
Public disclosure (Public records) RCW 42.56
Public record privacy protections EO 00-03
Public employees retirement system RCW 41.40
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RCW format RCW 1.12
Recognition awards RCW 41.60.120-160
Relocation compensation RCW 43.03.125
RCW 41.06.150
Reemployment RCW 73.16
Reinstatement after appeal RCW 41.06.220
Rule Making WAC 1-21
Records retention RCW 40.14
Return to work RCW 41.06.490
RCW 51.32.090
School districts K-12 (Leave not transferred) RCW 28A.400.300
Shared leave RCW 41.04.650-670
Shared leave - Uniformed service shared leave pool RCW 41.04.685
Sexual harassment RCW 49.60.030 & 040
Sexual harassment - Training programs RCW 41.06.395
Sick leave - (Accrual and January cash out) RCW 41.04.340
Sick leave -Sick leave w/o a medical certificate RCW 41.48.140
Sick leave -Authority for personnel to establish SL rules RCW 41.48.140
Sick leave -SL transfers from community colleges RCW 28B.50.551(5)
Sick leave -SL transfers within public school districts RCW 28A.400.300(2(h)
Sick leave -SL pool RCW 41.04.680
Smoking in public places RCW 70.160
State committee on agency officials' salaries RCW 43.03.028
Supported employment RCW 41.04.750-760
State resources (Prohibits private benefit) WAC 292-110-010
Student workers/Minors hours of work RCW 49.12.121
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Technical colleges classified employees RCW 28B.50.874
Telecommuting RCW 70.94.531(2)(xiii)
EO 01-03
Terminated agencies (Classified EE's transfer) RCW 43.131.090
Transfer of leave (Colleges) RCW 28B.50.551(5)
Travel expenses (Prospective employees) RCW 43.03.130
 ​Tuition Reimbursement WAC 200-600-025
Tuition waiver and fees RCW 28B.15.558
20 day notice requirement for rule making RCW 34.05.320
Undue Hardship WAC 82-56-010
WAC 82-56-020
WAC 82-56-030
Use of state resources WAC 292-110-010
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Vacation leave RCW 43.01.040
Vacation leave - Cash payment RCW 43.01.041
Vacation leave - JEV - Excess leave (above 240 hours) RCW 43.01.044
Vacation leave - Institutional academic & professional pers. RCW 43.01.042
Vacation leave - Allows for supplemental rules RCW 43.01.043
VEBA (Voluntary Employees Benefit Association)
RCW 41.04.340(7)
Veterans preference and seniority RCW 41.04.005-010
Veterans preference and seniority - Rules on seniority RCW 41.06.150(17)
Veterans preference and seniority - Eligibility requirements RCW 73.16.010-035
Veterans preference and seniority - Full continuous military control required RCW 73.04.090
Violence in the workplace RCW 49.19.005
Volunteer Firefighter RCW 41.06.550
Voting time RCW 49.28.120
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Washington Management Service RCW 41.06.500
Washington Management Service - Definition of manager RCW 41.06.022
Weapons and firearms RCW 9.41
Work study program for students RCW 28B.12.060
Workers compensation RCW 51.28
Workforce Diversity and Inclusion EO 12-02
Whistleblower RCW 42.41
Whistleblower - Whistleblower protection RCW 42.40.050
Women equality (Employment) RCW 49.12.200
Youth employment (Child labor laws) RCW 49.12.121; 390-400
Youth employment - Under age 18 (work permit) RCW 49.12.123
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