Performance Planning and Evaluation

For employees to succeed, they need to both know what success looks like, and receive regular coaching and feedback on their progress. The Performance and Development Plan (PDP) is a tool for facilitating communication between a supervisor and an employee about:

  • The linkage between the employee's expected results and the organization's goals and performance measures.
  • The employee's standards and expectations.
  • The organization's commitments for training and development.
  • The employee's progress, accomplishments, and needs for growth.

The PDP is designed to facilitate both performance planning and feedback for a specific performance period. Each new employee should have a performance plan when he or she begins.

WAC 357-37-040 states that employers must use standardized PDP forms or alternate forms approved by the State Human Resources Director. Please contact the Office of the State HR Director at for more information about approval of alternate PDP forms.

Forms and Rules

Performance Management Guidance