Agency HR Management Report Process

What agencies must submit HR Management Reports?

  • Executive branch agencies with 100 or more employees

When is the report due?

  • Submit by: October 13, 2017

How do I submit the report?

  • Starting in 2016, agency reporting is conducted using an online survey. State Human Resources will distribute the link to the Agency HR Management Report Survey to agencies on August 21, 2017 along with instructions.
    • If you need a copy of the survey link, please contact
    • It is recommended that you draft your agency's response in advance using the MS Word version of the survey, and then copy and paste your survey responses into the live link.
  • Agencies are also required to submit a copy of their Affirmative Action policy to State Human Resources by October 13, 2017. Copies of policies should be sent to

Who do I contact with questions about the report?

What resources do I have to put together my HR Management Report Survey response?

What other information is available related to the HR Management Report?

HRMS/BI resources:

Related data and strategy information: