HRMS Data Definitions

Data inconsistencies discovered in statewide reporting prompted what is now an on-going HRMS data cleanup process facilitated by State Human Resources.

The goal of the effort is to ensure HRMS data is complete, accurate, and consistent across agencies for agency-specific or statewide reporting purposes.

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Note: These documents will be continually updated as new fields and processes are defined. See related communications below.

Data Definitions Process

A core group of individuals representing Rules, Classification/Compensation & Labor, HR Metrics, Payroll, Training, and the HRMS functional team identify HRMS data inconsistencies and propose solutions for data cleanup. These solutions may result in defining field options with agency workgroups or documenting/refining processes. In most cases, agency data cleanup activities are required.

Workgroups are formed from targeted agency personnel, depending on area of need and level of expertise. Agency workgroups are essential for reviewing current coding practices and assisting in defining fields and/or processes.

Proposed definitions, process updates, and data cleanup efforts are communicated to the HR Advisory Group, HR Managers, and the Personnel/Payroll Association (PPA). Final communications are relayed through the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) HRMS Communication process.

Communication related to HRMS Data Definitions